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Counsel Resume

This is another fine example of drafting a resume for a legal position. This counsel resume presents the career profile of Dennis. E. Riggs, who seeks jobs in litigation management and attorney management. A brief job description at the beginning introduces the reader with the candidate's career. Areas of expertise jot down the key functional areas of the work performed by the candidate. These details prove the candidate's proficiency in a subject and track his key professional qualities. Professional experiences mark out the career graph of the candidate from his first job as an underwriter in 1985 to his current position as a counsel. Also, it represents the responsibilities handled by the candidate for each organization and his tenure of work. Next section presents the qualifications held by the candidate. Bar admissions and affiliations point out the professional engagements of the candidate with other legal organizations. Resume ends on a positive note with details from this section.

Counsel Resume Sample

counsel resume
Counsel Resume
counsel resume picture
Counsel Resume

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