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Customer Service Resume

If you are vying for a job in customer service industry, then here is a customer service resume template for your reference. It is wise idea to put the career aim at the start of the resume. This showcases the candidate as a goal oriented and willing to pursue a successful career. Following the career objective are the key skills and the statements made by seniors of the candidate, proving the worth of the candidate. Next section highlights the education and project details. It brings out the knowledge of the candidate and emphasizes on his ability to take up responsibilities and meet desired targets. This is the main section of the resume and hence it takes up a prominent position on the resume. Besides, the candidate lists out the names of the organizations he has worked with previously, along with a short description of key responsibilities. Computer skills bring out the technical competence of the candidate whereas affiliations and community work denotes the additional responsibilities handled by the candidate.

Customer Service Resume Sample

customer service resume
Customer Service Resume

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