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Esthetician Resume

If you belong to a field which is related to beauty and fashion industry, then feel free to use creativity within your resume. The first thing that strikes the reader in this resume is the presentation style used in this esthetician resume. The candidate, Olivia Isabella, has used an attractive font that adds a tinge of creativity to the resume. Moreover, the resume is divided vertically. The left side of the resume presents the attributes, business skills and interests of the candidate. It is very easy to catch this information owing to the unique presentation. The right side concentrates on the education and work experience section. This section conveys the career summary of the candidate. Educational details present a view of the qualifications, knowledge, and the project details handled till date. Employment details are concisely written, stressing on the main work responsibilities. The resume ends with additional information about the workshops attended by the candidate.

Esthetician Resume Sample

esthetician resume
Esthetician Resume

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