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Legal Assistant Resume

This legal assistant resume of Patricia Juhasz presents an impressive format of representing a career profile on a resume. Most recruiters refrain from reading a long resume of 3-4 pages. Hence, it is vital to draft a resume concisely and make it easy for the recruiters to find information relevant to their search. Follow the template presented in this resume and use it to shorten a vast work experience within one page of the resume. This template has 5 different sections. The first section defines the career path of the candidate as a legal assistant or paralegal assistant and gives the reader an idea about the candidate's core competencies. In the next section, candidate elaborates only the relevant experience in form of responsibilities and achievements. Previous experiences have been simply jotted down. Educational qualifications and computer skills too, have been written concisely, mentioning only the keywords. Resume ends with a note of presenting references on demand.

Legal Assistant Resume Sample

legal assistant resume
Legal Assistant Resume

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