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Math Teacher Resume

We present here a math teacher resume that belongs to Nalini Patel. The candidate, Nalini has work experience from 1997. In spite of a vast work experience, the candidate manages to present an impressive overview of her career. It gives a general idea about the skills, qualities and achievements of the candidate. This description is well supported with few lines quoted by the school principal recommending the candidate. Below the work profile is a list of achievements. This segment portrays the improvements brought in the organization, responsibilities discharged and the workshops attended on behalf of the organization. The candidate moves over from the traditional method of bulleting the responsibilities and uses paragraphs to describe the work experience. This experience section measures the career growth of the candidate over 12 years from being a substitute teacher to a 7th Grade math teacher. At the end of the resume, the candidate presents the details of the bachelor's degree and certifications gained by her. This is a good way of ending the resume with a positive point.

Math Teacher Resume Sample

math teacher resume
Math Teacher Resume
math teacher resume picture
Math Teacher Resume

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