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Recent Graduate Resume

If qualifications are your strength and you want to draft a resume that emphasizes on your qualifications, then here is an ideal resume format for you. This resume belongs to Elana M. Aviles and it speaks volumes about the knowledge and skills of the candidate. The resume concentrates over the knowledge of the candidate and hence presents different sections of work summary, qualifications summary, and curriculum development. The section by name of curriculum development is a blend of knowledge and experiences. It portrays how the candidate benefitted the organization. Employment history is concisely written where only the designation and organization names are listed. This format is ideal for candidates who believe in playing by their strengths. They have contradicted the traditional format by stressing on the qualifications more than the work experience. This adds uniqueness to the resume. The qualifications are well presented and are sure to give you the opportunities you deserve.

Recent Graduate Resume Sample

recent graduate resume
Recent Graduate Resume
recent graduate resume picture
Recent Graduate Resume

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