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Security Director Resume

This security director resume of John Raymond matches the set standards of resume writing. Observe how the resume is restricted to one page without compromising on any of the vital career details of the candidate. Name and contact details appear on the top of the resume. The resume opens up with one liner that acts like a tagline for the resume. It is followed by a list of competencies of John, in terms of skills, knowledge and ability. The resume mainly concentrates over the professional experiences of the candidate. The experience details are divided into two paragraphs- the first section presents a list of responsibilities as per the organization and work tenure whereas the next section jots down the responsibilities, relevant to the prospective job. The experience stretching from 1987 till date is well presented within the resume. Education, training, honors and membership details have been placed at the end of the resume.

Security Director Resume Sample

security director resume
Security Director Resume

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